The ECO-Lab plant covers 2.46 hectares.

Of this 1.22 hectares is a restricted area for the two water wells, each capable of producing up to 250 cubic metres of water a day. The plant building itself has an area of 1440m2 and can produce up to 6000 bottles an hour.

The water is treated to remove odours, after-taste, organically originating colour, excess active chlorine compounds, organic compounds, iron compounds, particulate matter, sand, silt, suspended clay and organic materials, sludge and other compounds and elements in accordance with the requirements of Sanitary Regulations and Norms Drinking Water.
The filling room has a triblock filling machine which rinses, fills and caps the finished product. It can fill PET bottles of any size up to three litres.

The filling room has an area of 864m2 which means that at least two more filling lines can be accommodated.

There is a 300m2 warehouse for the finished products where up to 150 000 half litre bottles and 60 000 1.5 litre bottles can be stored. The raw materials warehouse (108m2) stores sufficient components for full production running seven days of eight hour shifts.